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About PlanetMUG

PlanetMUG is an online community whose members interact over a private, Internet accessible online bulletin board system, called The Planet BBS.

For only $25 a year, our members have access to dozens of conferences dedicated to a variety of subjects, including technical and social issues, arts, and culture. We put a special emphasis on helping new members get acquainted with both their Macs and our community.

Unlike many online communities, the Planet BBS is a moderated environment. We require our members to use their real names. So when you post a message on the Planet BBS, you know that the responses you receive will be from real people. Unlike faceless Internet databases that spit out generalized technical data, our members provide a refreshingly personal touch. They listen to what you have to say and give you advice and feedback tailored to your particular needs. Best of all, the Planet BBS offers an interactive environment where you can discuss issues and problems - something most technical resources on the Internet can't come close to.

We find that most new members join to get one or two questions answered, but stay because they discover the unique online community we have developed. Find out what we're talking about your self through our free trial access or join now to become a part of our growing community.

The PlanetMUG/BMUG Connection

In 2000, PlanetMUG, a new organization formed by former BMUG members, purchased BMUG's assets with a view towards maintaining and fostering its unique online community. While PlanetMUG is a different organization than BMUG was, it carries on the diverse culture and supportive online environment that BMUG created.

BMUG, the Berkeley Macintosh Users Group, was formed in 1986 in the spirit of the Homebrew Club but dedicated to the Mac. Over its 15 years, BMUG became renowned as the largest and most prestigious Macintosh users group in the world. It attracted a diverse membership ranging from some of the first Mac programmers and developers to some of its newest users. BMUG's eclectic community came together in a groundbreaking online forum that BMUG called The Planet BBS. In 2000, BMUG declared bankruptcy and disbanded the group.


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