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Software and Downloads

PlanetMUG uses the First Class communications platform, which provides a refined, cross-platform user interface. The Planet BBS is accessible directly over the World Wide Web or through client software that you can download from this web site. While web access is more convenient for many people, most of our members find the client software faster and easier to use. See below for download and setup instructions.

To log into The Planet BBS via the web, click the "Login" link at the top of the page.

To download the latest First Class Client for Mac OS, Windows or Linux, click here.

PlanetMUG Setup

When you install and run the FirstClass software, a "FirstClass Login" window appears. Enter "" into the Address bar.

login window to register

Then, click the Setup button (on the right) to set up the connection to the server.

Connect via: use High-Speed Internet.FCP for Broadband or TCP-IP.FCP for Dial-up
User ID and Password: Leave these blank until you register, then fill them in so you don't have to put them in each time.

setup window

Click SAVE. You are back to the FirstClass Login window and can log in with your User ID and password, as seen below.

login window after setup

Clicking on Login button without filling in the User ID and Password will take you to the Auto Registration page where you can fill in all your data including User ID and Password. Register and you will have full access within 24 hours.

Problems? Questions? Email the webmaster at

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